Animated characters from the bench tv series

About Us

Chuck Gammage Animation is an award-winning boutique animation studio in downtown Toronto. We bring stories to life by creating unique 2D animation characters for film and television production studios with the best 2D designers and animators in the world.

Our Team

Chuck Gammage

Creative Director
Chuck is an award-winning animator and director with a career spanning over 40 years across TV series, feature films, and commercials in Canada, The United States, and The UK. Feature credits include Animation Supervisor roles on "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?", "Ferngully" and "Space Jam", and animator roles on "Highlander" and "Rock and Rule".
In the UK, Chuck worked on music videos for artists such as Queen and Grace Jones. He worked as Animation Supervisor with the Academy award-wining director Richard Williams on the classic feature "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?", as well as numerous commercials.
Since 1996, Chuck has been the owner and Creative Director of Chuck Gammage Animation in Toronto, Canada. The studio has provided animation services on the feature "Space Jam" and has produced several commercials for clients such as Kellog's, Ford, Old Navy, Coca-Cola, Wrigley's Hubba Bubba, Tim Horton's, Office Depot, and Teletoon.
Currently, the studio provides design and animation services for animated TV series. Clients include Nelvana, Deluxe, and Big Jump Entertainment.

Stephen Hunter

Born in Shrewsbury England, Stephen has lived in many countries and cities before settling in Toronto, Canada.
He attended OCAD University in Toronto and graduated with honours from the Advertising program at OCAD. Stephen then spent a couple of years in an Agency before setting up and running an independent Advertising and Marketing Agency, Kaleidoscope Advertising & Design Inc.
Along with working for many different organizations, local, regional, national and foreign, Stephen has collaborated with many talented people developing and pitching entertainment in New York, Toronto and Santa Monica. He is now working along-side one of Canada's 'greats' in the animation world, Chuck Gammage, to produce quality entertainment, as a new challenge
Communicating through story-telling, a strong story; a strong point of view through moving pictures, be they live action or animation, has long been a passion for Stephen.