Characters tell the story


Chuck Gammage Animation is an award-winning boutique animation studio in downtown Toronto. We bring stories to life by creating unique 2D animation characters for film and television production studios with the best 2D designers and animators in the world.


Character Design

We work from the director's notes about the character's personality and physical traits, the script, and concept art to design the visual look of the individual characters for the animated series.

Character Posing

Our animators can help you develop all the character poses necessary to animate tv series characters and bring your story to life.


Characters tell the story. We create unique animation characters for some of the most innovative film and production studios worldwide.

Location Design

We create the scenes where the animation will take place and help the director shape the style and overall look of the show.

Our Work

Characters from the Kidman & Lemon animated tv series
A corner store and graffiti wall
Animation characters on a beach
Background design for animated tv series
Animated characters sitting on a city bench
Background photo from an animated tv series


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